Can you buy a car without a license in New Jersey?

Do you need to buy a car and you don’t have a license? This might be tricky in some circumstances, and you might wonder whether that’s possible in New Jersey. So, can you buy a car without a license in New Jersey?

Yes, it’s possible to buy a car in New Jersey without a driver’s license. There are reasons for this, such as when you’re buying the car as a gift, for a caregiver, for business, collectible. You can register your car in the state without a license using the 6 Points ID system and get insurance.

However, it’s impossible to drive a car without a license. So, you’ll still need someone who has a license to operate the car. Here, we discuss whether you can buy a car without a license in New Jersey.

Reasons for Buying a Car without License

When people think of buying a car, they want to drive it. So, having a license will be important. But it’s not in every case that someone buying a car wants to drive it. Here are the reasons for buying a car without a license.

1.  Buying a Car as a Gift

You can choose to get a car for someone as a gift even when you’re not driving yourself. In such cases, you won’t have a license. But that doesn’t stop you from buying the car. Since the car will be a gift and you’re not personally using it, you only have to worry about the process of financing the car or getting the money to pay for it. If it’s for your child, you’ll be able to register it in their name using their license and get the right insurance for them in their name.

2.  Buying Car for Business

You won’t need a license if you’re buying a car under a business, i.e., as a limited liability company or corporation. In such a case, you’ll have a good business credit score to qualify for a loan. The dealership won’t ask for your license, nor will the lender. In such cases, all they want to see is your financing, and once you have that, you can easily buy the car. Even the insurance company won’t be asking for your license since it’s not personal insurance.

The registration will be in your business name. So you’ll have to present documents that prove your business is legal such as articles of incorporation or organization. However, the DMV will need the person registering the vehicle’s license. So it’s advisable to send a member of the business or manager rather than a regular employee to register the vehicle. 

3.  Buying a Car for Caregiver

A disabled or old person may be incapable of driving a car. But they can still require it to move around. In such cases, they can buy it without a license for it to be used by their caregiver or personal driver. In such cases, they can buy and insure the car in their name. It’s also possible for such a person to do it through a trust or LLC.

4.  Buying Car as A Collectible

Some people buy cars to have them on display. This could be a personal collection or a museum in such cases where you’re buying vintage cars with no intent to drive them. There’s no need for a license. Since you won’t be driving the car, you won’t have to register it. There’s also no need for auto insurance. The kind of insurance you’ll need on the vehicle will be very different.

Registering your Vehicle in New Jersey

One of the crucial stages in car ownership where having a license is important is when you’re registering your vehicle. Anyone who has gone to the DMV knows how frustrating it can be here, especially if you don’t have all the documents. In New Jersey, the things you need to register your vehicle include:

1.  Vehicle Title

The first you’ll have to show is ownership of the vehicle. There’s no better way to prove this than with a title. If you’re buying from a reputable source, you’ll have the title with your name. In cases where you don’t have your name on the title due for any valid reason, there are ways to acquire the title for your new car in New Jersey. 

2.  Identification

Apart from the title, you’ll need to present identification. This is usually the driver’s license. However, it’s not compulsory to present a driver’s license to register your car. If you don’t have a New Jersey driver’s license and won’t have one, there’s another option. The “6 Points of ID” is the perfect substitute for your license.

This allows you to use several documents instead of the New Jersey driver’s license. There are several acceptable documents; you can check the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission website to see what’s acceptable in your case. Each document is worth a certain point, and when you present enough documents, you get sufficient points that’ll serve as proof of identification. In this case, you’ll need evidence of your social security number and New Jersey residency.

3.  Fees

You’ll also have to pay fees at the DMV for registering your car. There are several fees, and they’re subject to change. First, you’ll pay the title fee, and there’s an additional fee if you want to transfer an existing plate number to the new car. There’s also sales tax, and the title fee will increase if the car has a lien. The registration fee also depends on the car’s age and weight. The registration fee calculator on the New Jersey website could give you an idea of how much you need to spend.

Getting Insurance Without License

Usually, you need auto insurance to drive your car in New Jersey, and the car insurer will ask for a license. However, this isn’t compulsory. It’s the car that’s getting insured, not the driver. So, you can ensure your car even without a license. However, such insurance will usually cost you more. But it means you don’t have to worry about finding someone with a license.

Operating the Car

Although you can complete the car purchase and registration process in New Jersey without a license, you can’t drive without one. So, you’ll still need someone with a license to operate the car.

In Conclusion

The only real requirement for a car is the financial ability to pay. Once you have the money, you don’t have to worry about licensing. But operating the car is a different ball game, and you need a license.