Can realtors accept gifts from clients?

Has your realtor done a great job helping you find the perfect house? You might be thinking of thanking your realtor for getting them a gift. So, can realtors accept gifts from clients?

Realtors can accept gifts from clients, but it’s better to give them a positive review and refer them to someone else. Gift ideas include gourmet baskets, cards, wines, collectibles, flowers, etc. However, if it’s cash or high value, the client should give the realtor indirectly through the broker.

It’s also acceptable for realtors to give clients closing gifts. But it shouldn’t be something to be considered as payment for the referral. Here, we discuss whether realtors can accept gifts from clients.

Rules on Gifts for Realtors

Realtors can accept gifts from clients. No law prevents this, even though it rarely happens. Most realtors rarely get a gift, and that’s understandable. In most cases, clients are focused on moving into a new apartment that they forget about the realtor. Several bills are waiting to be paid after closing on the house. The realtor also receives a commission on the sale, so they get fully rewarded for their work.

But if you appreciate your realtor’s efforts, nothing stops you from getting them a gift. However, if there’s something that your realtor will prefer over cash, it’s good reviews and referrals. This is how realtors can stay in business. Referrals can make your realtor happy, whether giving them five stars on their business page or informing a friend about them. So, if you’re thinking of appreciating your realtor, the first thing you should do is give them a positive review. Then you can also refer to them if you know someone looking for a house.

What Kind of Gift can You Get from Your Realtor?

Nothing stops you if you still think of getting your realtor a gift. There are several kinds of gifts you can give your realtor. Here are some ideas:

1. Gourmet Basket

A basket-filled edible item might be a great gift idea for your realtor. It doesn’t cost much, and it’s quite thoughtful. Realtors are constantly on the go for most of the day as they show houses to one client and another. This could make it difficult for them to get consistent meals while working. A gourmet gift basket usually contains edible items such as nuts, cheese, candies, baked goods, fruit, cookies, and more. With that gift, your realtor will have something to snack on while on the go. At least for a while.

2. Gift Cards

Gift cards are always great gifts. If you don’t know what to get someone, gift cards are a better gift instead of cash. If during your house search, you got to learn more about the realtor’s interest. You can send a gift card or certificate to their favorite haunts such as bookstores, restaurants, gas stations, retail outlets, department stores, etc.

3. Wines

If your realtor takes alcohol, it doesn’t hurt to get them a bottle of wine for their troubles. Wine is a thoughtful gift that won’t cost you much to get quality. Visit your local winery, and you’ll find several selections available. You can get advice from the attendants if you’re not a wine person, and they’ll advise you on what to go for. If you’re getting it, confirm that your realtor takes alcohol first.

4. Engraved Items

You can also get your realtor personal gifts such as engraved items. Any personal gift could be engraved, and it doesn’t have to be something major. Examples of gifts you could engrave include coffee mugs, desk clocks, candle sets, etc. The personalization of the gift is what makes it even better. If you plan to personalize it, you can add a thank you message to show your appreciation.

5. Collectibles

You can get your realtor collectible items if they have passion or hobbies in that area. It could be a painting, sculpture, card collection, or novelty item. As long as it’s something the realtor is interested in, getting it for them will be appreciated. It also showed you paid attention in your interaction with them.

6. Flowers 

This is a common gift that realtors receive from clients. Flowers are always a good gift, and the options available are numerous. You can get anything from exotic plants to seasonal bouquets. If you’re gifting your realtor flowers, it’s best to send them the same day you order them.

7. Annual Gift

You can also choose to give your realtor annual gifts. It could be something as small as a card. The simple fact that you’re giving them every year is what matters. The consistency of the gift is what the realtor will appreciate more.

Should Realtor Accept Cash or High-Value Gifts from Clients

Although realtors can accept gifts from clients, it’s important to be careful about the kind they can accept. Generally, a realtor working with a broker should inform the broker if they should accept any gift from the client. In cases where the gift is cash or a significant material gift, it’s best to run the gift through the broker. This confirms that the gift isn’t a direct compensation for the work done.

The broker will treat it as a bonus and let the realtor keep it in most cases. But running the gift through the broker helps you ensure that you err on the side of caution. Since rejecting the gift might seem a bit rude, it’s best to explain to them why giving it to your broker is a better idea.

Can Realtors Give Clients Gifts 

Yes, realtors can give clients gifts after helping them close on a house. This is one of the best ways to retain the client and get a good review. When giving your clients gifts, make sure it’s personal. All the gift ideas that a client can give a realtor are also acceptable here. But whatever you’re getting, make sure you don’t outdo yourself.

Getting your clients gifts can help you start a long-term relationship with them. But you also need to be careful. It could be illegal to pay clients for referrals. So, any gift you’re giving shouldn’t be in exchange. It should be a token of appreciation.

In Conclusion

There are no specific rules around gift-giving, whether as a client or a realtor. Just make sure the gift is for appreciation and not in exchange for a service. It’s also important to keep it small unless the occasion demands it. If it’s worth more than $15,000, gift taxes may apply.

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