Can Alaskan malamutes live in California?

Alaskan malamutes are great-looking dogs and make wonderful pets. But keeping this kind of dog might be more complicated if you live in a place like California. So, can Alaskan malamutes live in California? 

Alaskan malamutes are native to cold places. But they can still live in areas like California. You can take care of them by keeping them indoors during the day, providing water, brushing their hair, limiting walks to cool periods, creating cool zones in your house, and keeping them away from pools.

However, these animals are social animals. So, if they’re not with other malamutes, they’ll like to spend as much time as possible with you. Therefore, be ready to dedicate a lot of time to the dog. Here, we discuss whether Alaskan malamutes live in California.

What are Alaskan Malamutes?

Alaskan malamutes are Arctic dogs; you only need to look at them once to know they’re meant for very cold weather. These ancient breeds of dogs thrive in the cold Alaska and Canada with their thick double coats. They’re not meant for places with hot weather, including southern states such as California with its hot weather.

Thus, if you bring an Alaskan malamute to California, they might struggle in summer because they’re not used to heat. But that doesn’t mean you can’t own them in hot areas. The trick is to ensure that you provide special care for the dog in such an environment.

How to Keep Alaskan Malamutes in California

If you’re planning to keep Alaskan malamutes, you’ll have to do the following:


1.  Keep Them Indoors During the Day

Ensure the dog doesn’t go outside during the day. The daytime is when the temperature is at its highest. So, your malamutes should be inside. Malamutes need air conditioning more than you do. So, you should always be ready to leave your air conditioning in the house. You’ll most likely find them camped near the AC vent. One thing you’ll discover about a malamute in hot areas is that they’ll spend more time inside naturally. They’ll rather spend the cool mornings and evenings outdoors than any other time.

So, you have to plan your schedule so they can be outdoors during the best time of the day. You can also play with your dog indoors and keep them entertained with different mental exercises instead of going out when the weather isn’t the best. What’s most important is making sure that the dog has access to be able to go in and out as they please. It’s best if your yard is fenced. It helps to have trees in your yard where the dog can rest under the shade. 

2.  Provide Water at All Times

You also need to provide sufficient fresh and cold water for the dog. This helps them to stay cool and dehydrated at all times. Always have a bowl of water around, and you can provide a waddling pool.

3.  Brushing The Hair

Daily brushing of Alaskan malamute hair might also be necessary. You need to detangle it and get rid of loose hair and debris. Malamutes shed coats at least once a year and shed hair the whole day. When they shed hair, it’s a whole lot and can leave everything in your home that the dog comes in contact with filled with their hair.

If you have more than one malamute, you can multiply the hair volume by the number you have. Since these animals shed hair, you might want to get some carpet protectors and anything you need to ensure that hair doesn’t become an issue in the house. They shed their hair every time and blow their coats at least once annually.

4.  Limit Walks to The Cool Periods

Walking your dogs is good for their health. But if you’re keeping an Alaskan malamute in California, you’ll need to minimize the walks. Also, keep the walks to only late evenings when the weather is cool. This is especially necessary for the hottest part of the year. But you also must ensure that the malamute gets enough exercise and stays trim. If they get fat, that means they get warmer, which isn’t something you want.

Also, keep activities to the minimum when the temperature is around 70 degrees or higher. That means you should opt for several short walks during the coolest part of the day instead of one long walk. 

5.  Have Cool Zones in Your House

Even with air conditioning, all parts of your home can’t get the same amount of coolness. So, you must provide cool spots around the home where they can go. If the malamutes go outdoors, you can get a small kiddie pool with water where the dog can lounge. Under the tree is another great place; these dogs can even dig holes under trees.

The best floor will be a wood, laminate, or tile floor. These floors ensure that they have more direct access to the cool floor. You can also get a fan and put it near the dog’s favorite napping area.

6.  Keep Them Safe from Pools

If you have an inground pool, the dog might enjoy staying in it. But you need to check that the dog can swim and will be able to get out of the pool on its own. Due to the double fur coat, there’s a chance that the fur can weigh the dog down when it gets wet. So, it’s best not to let the dog access the pool when you’re not around to provide supervision.

Signs Of Heat Strokes in Malamutes

If you’re keeping an Alaskan malamute in California, the risk of heatstroke is present. Here are symptoms to look out for:

  • Salivation
  • Excessive panting
  • Confusion
  • Restlessness or anxiousness
  • Glazed eyes
  • Vomiting
  • Collapse
  • Trouble walking or standing
  • Purple or bright red tongues and gums

If you notice signs of a heat stroke, you need to cool down the dog quickly using water and a towel. You should also position a fan near the dog before calling the vet. But call the vet as soon as possible.

In Conclusion

A warm climate like California’s isn’t the ideal weather for a malamute. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. The dog can survive; you must provide all they need to be comfortable. Imagine you’re wearing a winter coat in summer; that’s how it feels for the dog. So, you need to make the conditions very suitable.