Best Neighborhoods in Palmdale

Anyone who has been to California knows just how expensive living in the state can be. That’s what makes any affordable city in the state a gem. Palmdale is one of those gems as it’s one the cheapest places you can live in this city. This makes it a great choice for you if you’re considering moving to California. But where you stay in the city also matters a lot. So, what are the best neighborhoods in Palmdale, California?

Palmdale has about 106 neighborhoods within it, each of them with its distinctiveness. Some of the best for anyone seeking to live here are Rancho Vista, Northwest Palmdale, Leona Valley, Anaverde, and Quartz Hill. All these areas offer relative safety with access to the best amenities in the city.

Of course, there are other great areas, especially to the west side. You’ll also find subdivisions close enough to be considered parts of the city. But the east side of Palmdale contains some of the most notorious neighborhoods in the city. Here, we expound on some of the best places to live in Palmdale.

1.      Rancho Vista

Rancho Vista is one of the most popular neighborhoods in Palmdale and surely one of the best places to live. Most of the residents here are homeowners showing that families like to settle down here. A family with kids will enjoy the fact that it has three parks within it where you can take your kids just anytime. The playgrounds offer recreational facilities for both kids and adults. An additional benefit for the family is that the neighborhood has multiple childcare options to ensure that you can have your kid safe within the neighborhood even after resuming work. It’s also close to urgent care centers.

Amenities in Rancho Vista include a plethora of dining options, which means you can easily grab a quick meal and any other basic necessity you need at the several convenience stores within the location. This is one of the best places to live in Palmdale for families because there are few highly-rated public middle school and elementary schools in the neighborhood. However, it has a poor bike and walk score, making it a car-dependent neighborhood, and there aren’t many public transit options available. The average price for a home in the neighborhood is between $500 to $600k, and rent is $1,999. So, it’s clearly on the high side for Palmdale.

2.      Northwest Palmdale

Here is another part of the city you should consider staying in if you’re moving to Palmdale. The neighborhood had over 3000 people, with most of the population being white. But other ethnic groups also stay here, so it’s moderately diverse. The household income is $103,013, and unsurprisingly, it’s one of the most expensive parts of Palmdale. But in terms of safety, it’s quite safe. Northwest Palmdale is one of the elite parts of the city, and if you’re planning to live here, you can also consider this area. The cost of housing might be a bit more expensive than other areas in the city. But if you can afford it.

3.      Leona Valley

This neighborhood isn’t exactly inside Palmdale, but it’s close enough to be considered a part of it. The small town with around 1,500 has a rural feel to it. Most of the residents here are young professionals. The public schools here are quite great, making it a family-friendly place. The median home value in Leona Valley is $444,300, and rent here is very low at $834. The median household income is higher than the national average at $97,500. However, there aren’t many amenities in this area. This town has only a few restaurants, and you’ll need a car to get around especially given its distance from other parts of the city. The crime rate is quite low too, and the community is tightknit. Almost everyone knows everyone here. Even though it has developed significantly, there are still many cattle ranches here.

4.      Quartz Hill

Another subdivision of Palmdale that you should consider staying in is Quartz Hill. The town of over ten thousand residents is big enough to stand on its own, but its proximity to Palmdale makes it a good suburb. The town has a suburban feel, with most residents here owning their homes. It enjoys the great California weather, and there are several facilities for residents who enjoy spending time outdoors. Homes here cost $335,500, but rent is a bit high at $1,141. So, it’s unsurprising that 68% of the residents own their own house.

The suburb is one of the most diverse places in California, and the crime rate is quite low. The same schools serving Leona Valley and most other parts of Palmdale serve this community too, which means that some schools are quite excellent, even if the ratio of teacher to student is a bit disproportionate. The median household income is $74,071, which is lower than what obtains in several parts of California. But given that Palmdale is one of the most affordable cities in California, families can live on that in the area. It’s mostly quiet with lots of wide streets and a family-friendly experience.

5.      Anaverde

Anaverde community is a great community for those who’re moving to Palmdale. The neighborhood has several facilities that make it family-friendly, such as the five acres of Anaverde park right in the heart of the community. The Park has several sporting facilities and other amenities that make it a great spot for families in the area. Anaverde Hills School is also right next to the park, and this is one of the good high schools in the city. With almost 7000 residents, 81% of residents here are homeowners. There are several facilities here ranging from restaurants, convenience stores, automotive garages, etc. All in all, it’s a great place to live.

In Conclusion

Palmdale has a lot of great neighborhoods and suburbs. But it also has some infamous ones. So, you’ll need to be very careful when looking for residence here. Ask residents, talk to a local realtor, and you can even visit the police station to make inquiries before deciding on a neighborhood to stay here.