Best neighborhoods in McAllen

The border city of McAllen is one of the safest in the US. Despite being near Mexico, it’s a nice city with a growing economy and low cost of living. If you’re considering moving here, you’ll want to know the right places to stay. So, what are the best neighborhoods in McAllen?

There are many great areas in McAllen, such as Fairway Grande, Royal Oaks Estate, Country Club Terrace, Hackberry Creek, Westway Avenue, Waterwalk, De Palmas Historic District, Tuscan Estates, Via Cantera, Gardenia Terrace, Wood Hollow – Trenton Park, Mission, Edinburg, Via Cantera, and Las Villas.

These locations, whether neighborhoods, suburbs, or subdivisions, are relatively safe and offer multiple amenities that make them perfect for those moving to the city. Here, we list the best neighborhoods in McAllen.

1.  Fairway Grande

This neighborhood is between E. St. George Ave and E. Nassau Ave. in the southeastern part of McAllen. The average cost of a home in this part of the city is $219,000. Living here is great because you’ll have easy access to Interstate 2. The neighborhood contains country clubs, shopping facilities, and entertainment. The McAllen international airport is also very close to the neighborhood.

2.  Royal Oak Estates

If you’re looking for a family-friendly area in McAllen, you should consider it here. The neighborhood contains three great schools, making it a family-friendly area. It’s central, so you can easily access the International Art and Science Museum. The University of Texas, Rio Grande Valley, is also close by. It is the most expensive neighborhood in the city, along with Tuscan Estates, and also one of its safest.

3.  Country Club Terrace

The country club Terrace is an upscale community in the city. It’s close to the. McAllen international airport and Residents also have easy access to quality education, country clubs, and other attractions. Homes are usually large, and lots can be as big as 6400 square feet. There’s an exclusive country club here for families, and it offers amazing recreational facilities for members.

4.  Westway Avenue

This neighborhood is another great place for families looking for big homes in relatively safe communities. The schools here are above average, which makes it perfect for anyone with school-aged children. The houses come in diverse options and styles; you have to find what works for you.

5.  Hackberry Creek

Looking for cheap homes in a safe neighborhood in McAllen? Then look no further than Hackberry Creek. The average price of homes here is below $200,000. The neighborhood also has some good schools around. The McAllen youth baseball complex is also here. There are plenty of dining, shopping, and entertainment options for residents. This location is very safe.

6.  Waterwalk

There’s a pond in the middle of the neighborhood, which might be how the place got its name. Here, you’ll be walking along the water. Waterwalk is a great place with homes being moderately priced. Houses here have square footage ranging from 1200 to  3,709 square feet.

7.  Tuscan Estates

This posh neighborhood is for the richest of the rich in McAllen. The homes here are very big, and they’re also very expensive. But if you can afford it, nothing should stop you from moving here. It’s close to the best schools in the city and also near its most excellent amenities. This upscale neighborhood is a very safe place. Along with Royal Oaks estate, which is near it, you’ll find some of the finest schools in the city here.

8.  De Palmas Historic District

The neighborhood is almost a town on its own. It’s big, and the homes here are cheap. It’s relatively close to all the facilities you need to live comfortably in a border town. This district is desirable for families too.

9.  Via Cantera

Check out this area if you want affordable and large homes for families. There are lots of stylish homes here. It’s also close to the McAllen hike and bike trail. You’ll find parks, good schools, and more close to this place.

10. Las Villas

This subdivision is a fine place to live in McAllen. There are good schools around, plenty of facilities and homes are quite cheap. The Alfredo ‘Boxer’ Hernandez stadium is close to this place, and McAllen Memorial High School isn’t far away.

11. Gardenia Terrace

Gardenia Terrace is near Zinnia Park, and you’ll find moderately priced homes of about 1500 square feet here. It’s a popular neighborhood in the city, and most homes here are usually 3-bedroom ranches with plenty of space.

12. Cardona at Bentsen Lakes

Here is another upscale neighborhood where you can live in the city. Homes here range between $300k and $900k. It features several large homes with 4 to 5 bedrooms. It’s close to all the major amenities in the city.

13. Wood Hollow – Trenton Park 

This is a great neighborhood for anyone but most especially for families. It has some of the best schools in the city, and it’s relatively safe. But it’s also one of the city’s most expensive places to live. Wood Hollow night is perfect for you if you don’t mind the cost of homes here. The Wood Hollow-Trenton Park area is quite vibrant, with many streets. It’s close to the commercial part of the city and quite amazing in itself. Trenton Park is more affordable.

14. Edinburg

You can also choose to live in the neighboring suburbs such as Edinburg. This place is just a few minutes away from downtown McAllen and is home to the University of Texas Rio Grande valley. The South Texas History Museum is also here. It’s a very vibrant place. It’s ideal for young professionals moving to McAllen.

15. Mission

Another suburb of McAllen worth living in is Mission. It’s 15 minutes west of downtown McAllen. It’s a historic place with upscale restaurants and other facilities. La Lomita Chapel‘s historic site is also here. It’s close enough to McAllen to feel like part of it.

In Conclusion

McAllen is a pretty great city to live in. The cost of living is low, and it’s one of the safest in Texas and the whole country. The areas listed above are some of the best in the city in terms of safety, affordability, and the amenities they offer.