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Derek Macy

Derek has been a part of many communities, and is always looking for new opportunities to create meaningful connections. Frankie has lived in several states, which helped him learn how to adapt in different environments. He enjoys meeting new people and learning about their cultures. Frankie also loves cooking, traveling, running, and watching movies with friends on the weekends.

How to walk silently on wood floors?

wood floors

Wood floors look great, and they surely add appeal to your house. But walking on them can also be quite annoying with lots of noise from several feet and squeaky floor. So, how do you walk silently on wood floors?…

How much weight can a concrete floor hold?


Are you planning to construct a patio or any similar concrete project? You’ll want to know the load-bearing capacity of concrete before you start. So, how much weight can a concrete floor hold? Calculating the weight concrete can carry is…

Can mosquitoes reach high floors?


Mosquitoes can be found almost anywhere in the world except the two poles. With their characteristics buzz, these insects are known for causing malaria and other diseases. But, most people don’t know how high they can fly. So, can mosquitoes…

Lowes vs. Home Depot flooring installation?

Home Depot

Are you thinking of flooring your house? There are lots of options as regards the right contractor to use. You might want to save yourself the trouble of finding an independent contractor by just using established franchisees. In that case,…

Do mice go to higher floors?

Do mice go to higher floors?

Rats are a nuisance. They’re health hazards and also quite destructive. This makes dealing with them a bit complex and something that might require you to know as much as possible about them. One of the common questions is, do…

Do plumbers replace subfloor?

Do plumbers replace subfloor?

A rotting subfloor is a construction problem that you should try to fix before it becomes a serious issue. While you can do it yourself, you may also need to call a professional. So, do plumbers replace subfloor? Yes, plumbers…