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Derek Macy

Derek has been a part of many communities, and is always looking for new opportunities to create meaningful connections. Frankie has lived in several states, which helped him learn how to adapt in different environments. He enjoys meeting new people and learning about their cultures. Frankie also loves cooking, traveling, running, and watching movies with friends on the weekends.

Why do realtors hate Zillow? 


If there’s something that almost all real estate agents agree on, it’s the fact that Zillow sucks. Most real estate agents have one or two reasons for not liking the platform and its competitors, such as Redfin,, UpNest, etc.…

Do living rooms need rugs?


A rug is a great addition to any room in the house. But it’s becoming less common as homeowners opt for other options such as tiles, hardwood floors, etc. So, you may wonder, does your living room need rugs? The…

Why do realtors drive nice cars?

Why do realtors drive nice cars?

There’s a common perception that realtors drive luxury cars and the latest models. Although it’s not completely accurate, there are some elements of truth to this belief. So, why do realtors drive nice cars? Realtors drive nice cars to appear…