Are yard machines good mowers?

Are you thinking of getting a new lawn mower? There are several options you can consider when it comes to brands. You’ll want to know which one to go for. So, are yard machines good mowers?

Yard Machines mowers have been in existence since 1958. It’s a good brand with durability and reliability, multiple options, ease of use, price range, fuel efficiency, powerful riding mowers, and latest technology. But it has issues such as low fuel capacity and some mowers not mowing in reverse.

However, you should also consider several factors before buying a lawnmower to make the best decision. Here, we discuss whether Yard Machines are good mowers.

What is Yard Machine?

Yard machines are one of the oldest brands of lawn mowers in existence. MTD has been producing this brand of lawn mowers since 1958. Of course, mowers aren’t the only products that form part of the brand. The brand also includes other outdoor power equipment such as pole saws, string trimmers, weed wacker, chipper shredders, snow blowers, log splitters, etc. 

Pros of Yard Machines Mowers

Several characteristics make Yard Machines mowers great. These include:

1.  Durability and Reliability

If you’re looking to get a reliable land mower, one of the best choices you can make is to get a Yard Machines product. It has been in existence for over 60 years, and that itself is a sign of its quality. Over that period, it produced several models. Its ability to remain relevant as technology develops shows this. So if you’re looking to get a legacy lawn mower brand, something you can deliver no matter the situation, yard machine mowers are a good choice.

2.  Technology

Yard Machines have also adopted technology fairly well in its products. Despite being a legacy brand, it still competes with some of the newest manufacturers. The company sells obstacle-handling zero-turn mowers using Synchro Steer technology. These mowers can easily navigate every twist and turn and maneuver every curve.

3.  Multiple Options in its Product Line

If you’re looking for several options within a product line, then Yard Machines might be the best for you. There are dozens of models available with all kinds of variations. So whether you want to ride or push the lawn mower, you’ll find a suitable Yard machine product. Its mowers use all kinds of power sources.

There are battery-operated mowers that you can charge with electricity. So, if you’re looking for environmentally conscious options, you’ll get it from a yard machine. Depending on where you’re using the lawn mower, you’ll find options for both industrial and residential use. The company produces simple mowers that function efficiently whether you want something lightweight or a heavy-duty product.


4.  Price Range for Every User

Part of the advantages of getting a Yard Machines mower is that you’ll find something in your price range. You can get mowers for below $300, and some cost thousands. So if you’re not planning to spend a lot on a lawn mower but still want quality, go for a Yard Machines product.

5.  Ease of Use Features

Most of the products come with multiple height adjustments, which means you can easily set it to the right height for the lawn. Some mowers also come with multiple speeds, making them easier to operate. You can also get several accessories that make your Yard Machines product even better. Many of the mowers are also self-propelled.

6.  Efficient and Powerful Riding Mowers

If you’re thinking of getting a riding mower, then a Yard Machines mower might be good for you. One of the challenges you could face when trying to get a riding mower is finding something that’s powerful but still easy to use. With a Yard Machines Riding Lawn Mower, you can get compactness boasting of both mobility and power. In addition, the riding mowers are very steady, even on uneven and rough terrain.

While most powerful mowers are aggressive in the grass and may even rip off the turf, a yard Machines mower isn’t anything like that. It comes with wheels that have anti-scalp features. So, it won’t damage your lawn regardless of how fast you move. They also have supportive seats, easy blade adjustment systems, excellent engines, easy-to-operate pedals, and a sturdy deck.

7.  Fuel Efficiency

Fuel efficiency is another feature of most Yard Machines’ lawn mowers that use fuel. This is due to the OHV engine that its lawn mowers usually use. This also reduces maintenance costs and makes it easier to clean.

Cons of Yard Machines Mowers

Yard Machines mowers are great. But some of its products may have some issues. These include:

1.  Not Mowing in Reverse

Not all Yard Machines’ lawn mowers mow in reverse. A good example of one that doesn’t is Yard Machines 42-inch Riding Lawn Mower. This inability can make some jobs more difficult and take more time than it normally takes if it can mow in reverse.

2.  Low Fuel Capacity

Another issue you may encounter with some models of Yard Machines mowers is the low fuel capacity. This means you’ll have to refuel it regularly. Although its fuel efficiency makes up for this, it could be an issue in some cases.

What To Look for When Buying A Lawn Mower

There are several brands of yard machine mowers. If you’re trying to get one, it’s important to consider the following:

1.  Size Of the Work Area

The size of the yard matters when you’re getting a lawnmower. Different mowers have the maximum space they can work efficiently. This doesn’t have to be exact. But the ballpark idea could help a great deal.

2.  What’s Growing in The Yard

The type of grass growing in your yard also matters. Rotary lawnmowers with blades operating like fans are best for tall and rough grasses. You’ll also have to consider how low you’ll cut the grass. This is why it’s important to check the settings of the blade and how you can adjust the height.

3.  Power Source

You’ll choose between gas-powered or electric lawnmowers when getting a lawn mower. Both are good choices, but you have to consider which is appropriate. Gas-powered mowers usually make more noise, so they might not be ideal for some neighborhoods. But they also have better efficiency and cutting power. With large lawns, electric mowers could run out of battery before you finish.

4.  Features

The ease of using the mower also matters, where additional features might come in. Check for safety features too. One of the features to look for is mulching which is great in all kinds of mowers. There are some mowers where you can control the mulching feature.

In Conclusion

Yard Machines produce great mowers. With over 60 years of producing mowers, the company has established a reputation for excellence. Its mowers are great and have several wonderful features. But some of its products have a few issues.